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Private: Good Cause Eviction May Be Aborted 正由驱赶法胎死腹中

By Roy HoApril 21, 2022

Press Release: Good Cause Eviction May Be Aborted 新聞稿:正由驱赶法胎死腹中

“Good Cause Eviction Bill is now increasing likely to be abandoned by the state legislature,” says Roy Ho, president of Property Owners Association of Greater New York. Despite numerous attempts by the tenant activities, and even organized refusal of taking up new tenant cases among the legal aid organizations, the state legislature seems to have settled on the next course of action on the balance between tenants and landlords: enough for now. “With primary election and end of legislative session approaching, there is very little room left for voting on new bills, especially politically charged bills,” explains Roy Ho. Since Good Cause Eviction Bill is not even tabled in committees, there is not enough time to pass in both chambers. The new law, if the bill passes, would require landlords to have “good cause” to evict tenants and that this good cause has to be adjudicated by a judge.

Opponents to this bill argues that this will further clog up the court system through out the state. Both proponents and opponents have been lobbying about this bill for a long year. Property Owners Association of Greater New York was the only minority centric opponent organization in the lobbying effort, both on and off the stage.

Legal Aid Society and NY Legal Aid Group have stopped taking new eviction cases in April. Legal Services NYC has only taken up 60. An anonymous source say this is a tactic of the proponents to create the illusion of a crisis, “not taking new cases will lengthen time to adjudication and a sense of crisis, further highlighting the necessity of new legislation to protect tenant in a time of primary election. However, this perception of crisis does not rest with the representation of the lawyers, whether they take the case or not. This crisis is created by the judges.”

On the other hand, NY city has 8561 new residential cases filed in the Housing Court while 4841 of them got adjudicated. NY city has 693 new commercial cases filed with 403 adjudicated. This is the first time since March 2020 NYC Housing Court adjudicated more than 4000 cases, continuing the upward trend since the US Supreme Court ruling in favor of the landlord plaintiffs (organized by over the NY state government regarding evictions. Roy Ho further reminds both landlords and tenants to consult lawyers to resolve conflicts.

尽管租户活动多次尝试,甚至法律援助组织有组织地拒绝受理新的租户案件,但州立法机构似乎已经确定了租户和房东之间平衡的下一步行动:已经够了。 “现在,州立法院放弃正由驱逐法议案(S2892B/A10315A)的可能性越来越大” 纽约小房东会长何德邻解析。

“随着初选和立法议期接近尾声,对新法案进行投票的空间非常有限,尤其是带有政治色彩的法案,” 何德邻解释道。由于正由驱逐法议案甚至没有提交给房屋委员会,因此没有足够的时间在两院通过。如果法案获得通过,新法律将要求房东有“正当理由”驱逐租户,而且这一正当理由必须由法官裁决。

该法案的反对者认为,这将进一步堵塞全州的法院系统。 正反双方年多以来一直在游说这项法案。 纽约小房东是唯一一个代表少数族裔的反对组织,无论是在台上还是台下。

法律援助协会和纽约法律援助集团已于 4 月停止受理房客的驱逐案件。 Legal Services

NYC 只受理了 60 件。一位匿名消息人士称,这是支持者制造危机假象的一种策略,“不受理新案件将延长裁决时间和危机感,进一步突显了新案件的必要性。 希望在初选期间能推出新法保护房客。 然而,这危机并不取决于律师是否受理新案。 这场危机是由法官制造的。”

另一方面,纽约市有 8561 件新住宅案件提交给住房法院,其中 4841 件得到了裁决。纽约市有 693 件新的商业案件被提起,403 件被裁定。这是自 2020 年 3 月后纽约市住房法院判决量首次超过 4000 案,延续了自美国最高法院在纽约州政府就驱逐问题作出有利于房东原告(由纽约小房东 组织部分原告)裁决以来的升势。

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