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Press Release – Landlords Won’t Lease Anymore

Updated: May 6, 2022

By Roy Ho July 1, 2020

Released on 2020.07.06 May rent delinquency increased compared to April, which now makes some landlords plan to leave their vacant units vacant. 56% of surveyed landlords plan to have their vacant units, if one becomes vacant. 87% of the landlords report that there is no illegal immigrant among their tenants, similar to last month. While there was no difference in rent delinquency between illegal immigrants and non-illegal immigrants in April, there is now a statistical significant and meaningful difference in rent delinquency. In NJ, “rent is paid” % has actually increased while it is getting worse in all boroughs. Rent collection is actually worse off in May than in April. In particular, the percentage of “rent is paid” among illegal immigrants has decreased significantly while “rent is paid” among non-illegal immigrants has only decreased in a statistical insignificant manner. Some landlords plan to leave their vacant rental units vacant. In NJ, it is 40%. In PA, it is 1 landlord out of a total 2. In New York, it is 61% of the landlords who plan to leave their rental units vacant. In particular, 88% (total 8) SI, 60% (total 67) Queens, 20% (total 5) Manhattan, 65% (total 20) Brooklyn, and 0% (total 1) Bronx. Housing was a factor for consideration to contain Covid-19. However, it soon became a financial issue to not only tenants and landlords but the governments. It later became a cause of violence. With the fear of the collapse of law and order recently, Emergency Rent Relief Act of 2020 has become ever more urgent.

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